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My New Book

If you would like a copy please click on the book cover and you can purchase online 

Weather has always been a talking point in the UK, but there is also a national obsession over how the forecast is made and the people who appear on our television screens. With our ever changing climate, the weather affects us all, from ‘when is summer coming’ to ‘my grass need rain’. 

Are we ever satisfied?


This book reflects a time of great change for two of the country’s leading institutions. Both the Met Office and the BBC grappled with creeping privatisation whilst trying to maintain the highest scientific and broadcast standards. The world was changing and both organisations, with international roles to play, were still able to provide leadership.

Bill Giles OBE, one of the nation’s best-known weather presenters, and John Teather, the founder of the BBC Weather Centre worked together to revolutionise how weather was presented and turn the BBC and the UK Met Office into world leaders in this field. Their new book is not a history lesson, but a ‘peep behind the curtains’ at the world of broadcast meteorology, sometimes fraught, many times difficult, often funny and always challenging. It reflects the personalities such as Fish, McCaskill, Kettley and Charlton who were household names.

It is a book that doesn’t fit in the normal categories. To make excellent broadcast weather reports takes many different resources and talents and perhaps this book is a reflection of this many faceted approach. Not autobiography, not history, not scientific paper, not tales out of school, not learned journal – but simply an exciting journey. 

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